18 July 2008

The First Course

I have been wanting to blog for a while now...can't believe I'm about to start! I was actually inspired by my husband's blog about his great love (after me of course) - fishing.

I love to eat, cook, and talk about food, so a blog with a slant toward all things edible made sense to me. I'll be posting recipes, photos of things I've cooked and things I've eaten, reviews of restaurants I've eaten at, and anything else I think is interesting in the world of food.

My family is Italian, and a lot of my favorite foods underscore that fact. I love carbs, I love dessert, and I love sitting around the table for hours with people I care about. I'm hoping this blog will be an extension of that part of the meal when dessert is over but people are lingering over coffee because they just don't want the "event" of eating to end.

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