06 February 2009

Cute Baking Stuff!

Fellow baker Kris sent me the link to The Lakeside Collection today. They have tons of cute baking stuff at great prices.

In case you're trying to come up with a birthday present for me (hint: it's just 11 days away!), I am coveting this cupcake carrier:

Enjoy the sale!


Anonymous said...

hello baby! i love your blog and I am so proud of you for being so dedicated to food now! i remember when you wouldnt eat sauce...or cheese...or jelly..or ANYTHING! I am delighted to be part of the food world with my sissy! I LOVE YOU

RunsWithScissors said...

I do seriously recommend the muffin cups that look like pumpkins. They are freaking adorable, and in the end, I cut off the muffin "tops" (since they were technically the bottom) and they made a perfect little fall pumpkin patch on the plate :)