02 February 2009

Adopt a US Soldier

Even though this post is only somewhat food-related, it's probably the most important one I've ever written. I recently found out about a website called Adopt a US Soldier - they connect soldiers in need with civilians willing to support them.

I signed up right away. The registration process was simple, and I got the name and contact information for "my" soldier right away. I emailed him immediately, thinking it might be some time before I heard back (if I heard anything at all), and was so pleasantly surprised to get an email from him the next morning.

I've started putting together a Valentine's themed package for my soldier...I'm really looking forward to mailing it out this weekend! I don't want to give away anything I'm putting in it, because I'm also sending one to a friend of mine serving abroad (and she might see this post), so I'll post an update once I've sent it.

I would really encourage you to check out the website here. You can easily make a huge difference to a soldier who may not have the support of family or friends at home. Emails, letters, and even the occasional package mean the world to our servicemen and women. Please consider signing up.

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