29 May 2009

Check it Out: Top Chef Masters

One of my work-BFFs, Maggie, recently shared with me the awesome news that her uncle-in-law is going to be on Top Chef Masters!

Ladies and gentlemen, Rick Moonen:

**this photo is from Rick Moonen's website, http://www.rickmoonen.com/ - the photo I had on here before was removed**

Moonen has been a star in the food world for over 15 years, and recently opened a new restaurant at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. As a well-known chef specializing in seafood, Moonen has taken on an advocacy role for sustainable fishing and seafood. Any regular readers of TPF know that this is a cause after my own heart. If you need a refresher, please see here and here.

Rick's book, Fish Without a Doubt was published in 2008, and is an excellent resource for all cooks who want to work with seafood. Full of recipes, photographs, and important information to educate the reader on sustainable seafood.

I'm stoked to catch Rick on Top Chef Masters, which premiers June 10 at 10PM on Bravo.

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Anonymous said...

You are awesome Maggie...how is Jaime and more important Basco???