31 December 2009

New Year, New Look!

 Last year, our New Year's Eve plans were ruined by a snowstorm, but we managed to have an amazing time with fantastic food.  If you're still deciding on tonight's menu, try our last minute New Year's feast that rang in 2009.

Planning to make resolutions?  I'm going to be trying monthly goals again - this is a great way to set achievable goals and actually see results.  By giving yourself just 30 days, you don't lose track of your resolutions and you won't make excuses to push them off.  More on my January goals after the new year!

In celebration of 2010, I've decided to switch up the layout of my blog a bit.  I've been wanting a new background and banner, and I thought that the new year was the perfect time to pick one.  Hope you like the changes!

Happy New Year!

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