08 September 2009

Mike's Arnold Palmer

I am not feeling particularly creative at the moment, so I have dubbed my newest creation a "Mike's Arnold Palmer". The name is just a smushification (there, I made up a fun word, even if I didn't make up a great name for my drink!) of the ingredients.

A traditional Arnold Palmer is, of course, lemonade and iced tea mixed together. I made mine "hard" by combining Crystal Light peach iced tea and a Mike's Hard Lemonade, hence my "Mike's Arnold Palmer". It's a fun summer drink, easy to make, yet something a little bit different. I tend to find Mike's Hard too acidic for me, and I prefer Smirnoff Ice, as far as malted lemon-flavored beverages go. But mixed with iced tea...well, let's just say Mike's goes down smoothly.

Though I'm looking forward to autumn, I'm a bit sad to see summer go. Andrew and I spent some time on Lake Erie with family this Labor Day weekend, and it really felt like a farewell to summer. Enjoy the last few beautiful warm days before the leaves really start to turn!

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