24 March 2010

Snacks for Dinner - A Kid Friendly Version

I love making snacks for dinner.  Or appetizers for dinner.  Basically you make a bunch of "picky" dishes and then eat a little of this, a little of that...until you're stuffed!  Andrew and I were baby-sitting his cousins for a weekend, and we decided to do our own version of "snacks for dinner".  I had to make things that were kid friendly and that I could find in their house, so that narrowed down my choices big time.  But you know me, I love to sort through a fridge and pantry and see what I can come up with.  I have to say, this time wasn't particularly inspired, and it certainly wasn't culinary genius, but it made the kids happy and was relatively well-balanced, so...that's good enough for me!

The photo above is Andrew's cousin Luke, waiting patiently for me to take a picture so he can dig in.

Luke told me he loves to cook, so I had him help me was and then carefully cut the vegetables for our little crudite platter.  In the fridge, we found carrots, celery, half a red pepper, and two halves of cucumbers.

In the freezer, I found chicken tenders, cheesy garlic bread, and in the fridge, hot dogs.  We cut everything up into pieces we could grab with our hands, though we did end up using forks.

Here's our spread!  I added a bowl of pretzels and colorful bowls for the condiments.  We also made a frozen pizza for the boys, since they eat like horses.  :)

It may not have been the healthiest meal, but we worked with what we had to put it together, and everyone was happy with the results! 

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