08 March 2010

Fishing Fair

So my husband is a brilliant fisherman and a fantastic person.  He also happens to be The Mad Trouter.  He found The End of the Line, a film that reveals "the impact of overfishing on our oceans".  They also have a website that will give you a ton of information on sustainable fisheries, including a restaurant guide and information on how you can help.

Here's a clip from the film, which Andrew and I ordered today:

I've mentioned Rick Moonen and his commitment to sustainable fisheries in the past.  We've always ben supporters of the Bristol Bay conservation efforts, and now we're turning our attention to this greater issue.  Andrew and I are in the process of making plans to give whatever aid we can to this cause.  It's an issue that's not going anywhere, and it will affect all of us.

Please see End of the Line, check out Rick Moonen's website, and read up on Bristol Bay.

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