04 January 2009

Country Crust Bread

I have been really wanting to bake bread, and after lusting after some delicious looking recipes, I finally decided to give Country Crust Bread a try. I got the recipe and method on one of my new favorite blogs - The Way the Cookie Crumbles. I've been reading Bridget's blog like crazy for the past few weeks and she makes baking bread look so easy. I finally took the plunge and tried baking it myself.

You can get the full recipe here. I used two cups of white flour and one cup of wheat flour and opted for the sugar over the honey. My first rise was 40 minutes, the second was 20, and bake time was 42 minutes. I don't have an instant-read thermometer, so I just had to chance it.

The bread came out beautifully - crusty on the outside, wheaty and soft on the inside. I topped it with the homemade butter I made for Christmas...now I can die happy! I will definitely be experimenting with bread baking again very soon.

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