22 January 2009

Our Newest Addition

It's been quite a saga for us as pet owners these last couple months. One of our cats, Bogey, ran away, and our attempts to find him were both hilarious and heart-breaking. Though Bogey never came back, we did come across a sweet little stray. Our other cat Evin is Bogey's brother, and we knew he was lonely, so we did the only thing we could - we adopted the stray we found.

I'd like to introduce you to Juliet:

As you can see, in her free time, she enjoys surfing the net and hanging out on the couch.
Below you can see the original "kamikaze night owls" as Andrew liked to call them. Bogey is in front, Evin is in back. We miss our sweet boy.

Of course, I've posted pictures of Finn in the past, but here's another one, just because he's so darn cute and this is a pet post:

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Ginette said...

Hi Juliet !!! Nice cat !