11 January 2009

Resolution #2 - In Progress!

I posted at the beginning of the month about my plan to make monthly resolutions. Well, I've been doing good at #1 - eating more fruits and vegetables. And I think I've been doing pretty well at #3, which was to blog more often.

So, here we go at #2 - removing the wallpaper from one of our bathrooms.

Here's Andrew spraying and scraping away:

It may be difficult to see, but the wallpaper in this bathroom was covered with lighthouses. We're ocean lovers, but this was too much. We've been gunning to get rid of this wallpaper since we moved in last August, so we were only too thrilled once we started peeling it off in huge hunks.

We're still scraping away, but I feel so great about everything we got done this weekend. I'll try to post updates on Resolution #2 as we get more done.

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